Recent Sightings & Updates

Hungry, hungry caterpillars

The Scarlet Tiger caterpillar season is already well under way on Roman Road and there are plenty of other things to look out for along the bridle path.  Sunny weather is best to tempt out early butterflies from hibernation and Small Tortoiseshell and Comma have both been on the wing on the odd warm day we’ve enjoyed.

The flora includes a mixture of wild flowers and garden escapees. Celandines are amongst the earliest flowers to emerge, shining out from among the dead bracken and undergrowth.


Early blossom includes Laurel which attracted this lovely Comma on Good Friday.


Also in the hedgerow was this small bee, burying itself in a dandelion head.


I think it’s never truly Spring until the Orange Tips start to appear. We have plenty of Garlic Mustard along Roman Road, an Orange Tip favourite, so we wait with baited breath for it to flower and the O.T’s to arrive.


And finally, I can’t resist a crowd scene … Scarlet Tiger larvae making whoopee on the Alkanet.


So exciting to see the first arrivals of the Spring. We hope our work along the lane will help to increase the species and numbers we see.

Our next work party is this coming Friday, 1st April (no joke, honest!) and we’ll be meeting at the Westwood Avenue area of Roman Road at 10am – so a bit further along than previously. Find out more HERE. We’d love you to come along. If you do, please bring along gardening gloves, tools and a hot drink for elevenses.  The addition of a cheery disposition is always desirable too, but not essential.

Hope to see you there,



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