Recent Sightings & Updates

We love Alkanet!

Lovin’ that yummy Alkanet!

So what is there to see along your above average urban bridle path?  Out and about over the weekend, hoping to catch that first special sighting of Orange Tip butterflies – no luck I’m afraid but there is still much to see.  It seems that the Scarlet Tiger moth larvae are not the only ones to enjoy the Alkanet.  It is also speckled with 7 spot ladybirds and this lovely Small Tortoiseshell – one of several soaking up the rays, out of the cool wind, on Sandy Lane.


Can’t even sun bathe without the pesky caterpillars creeping in!


There were also bees and much bird activity.  The Chiff Chaff that drove my husband mad over last summer, seems to have brought back a few friends and family members this year and I’ve enjoyed several sightings and even more vocal reminders on Roman Road.



Goldfinches seem to be doing well too and on Sunday, we were graced by a Raven flying overhead.  There’s a pair that make occasional visits to the tall pines in the grounds of Stourbridge Crematorium.  Usually they are mobbed by Jackdaws and don’t tend to hang around too long.


Further along Sugar Loaf Lane, past the tennis club, we also spotted the first Swallows.  The area has several farms with barns and stables, which are great for the nesting birds.


The Celandines are looking splendid, welcoming the sun and the insects, taking advantage of the extra light available, before the bracken and bramble take over.

Unfortunately, no Orange Tip yet but I have had 2 sightings of a White butterfly – either Small or Green Veined – didn’t get close enough for and I.D.

Our latest work party was today – stay tuned for an update!



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