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Scarlets munch on

The focus of our latest work party on Friday 22 April was a general tidy up and creation of a rockery to house some wild strawberry plants.

yell ratt02.JPG

Checking the ground, there is evidence of new wild flower growth.  In particular the Yellow Rattle sown in 2015, is showing through strongly.


Patrick will be pleased to know that his plants appear to be thriving too.

It was rather cold on Friday but there were a couple of Small Tortoiseshells lurking in the dead bracken.  The lane has oodles of beautiful honeysuckle and the first flowers are beginning to blossom.

07 honeysuckle.JPGAnd the Garlic Mustard is starting to flower – all we need now are a few Orange Tips.

garlic mustard02.JPG

Meanwhile the Alkanet attracts several different types of bees.  I’ve watched them carefully visiting each little flower head.


Some of the plants have been badly ravaged by the Scarlet Tiger caterpillars but I rather like these 2, who were almost posing as caterpillar flowers.

scarlet tigers02 pose.JPG

It’s not all plain sailing – the project has always been intended to be community based.  We are trying to enhance the bridle path for wildlife and people alike but it’s impossible to please everyone.  Whilst we continue to receive mainly compliments, there are the odd grumbles about us digging up trees that locals have planted.  Thus it is difficult to find the right balance, we have not wittingly intended to upset anyone and we can’t distinguish between tress deliberately planted by people who also care about the lane, and unwanted self-seedlings.  Hopefully the end result will convince everyone of our worthy intentions.

No more work parties planned for a while but watch this space for news of a walk along Roman Road end June/beginning July when the moths will be flying.

And finally, another crowd scene, fairly typical of the scene along Roman Road – if you have alkanet growing near you, check it out for caterpillars.  Some have already been found in Ashwood Lane, off the A449.




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