October work party

IMG_20171021_101656.jpgA hefty work out this month!  Several of our volunteers turned over a (very rough) circle on the traffic island and wild flower seeds were sown.  This will be our 3rd year and the diversity of the flora on the island is already plain to see.  Next year we are aiming for further enhancement of the rich insect friendly plants, ringed by colourful wild flowers to create greater spectacle.

Meantime, back along the bridle path … more exertions, as some more members of our group erected the gate post ready for the new gate.


This post is rather like an iceberg – as much again is buried deep in the ground.

To help the project, Andy Barker has purchased some cutting and trimming tools using Scarlet Tiger Project funds which he was personally instrumental in raising.  Profits from the sale of 2017 West Mids Butterfly Conservation calendar were donated to our project.  All the photos were taken by Andy and he co-ordinated printing and publishing.  Seemed only right that he should have a say in how to spend the cash.


Scarlet Tiger project has also been helped by local Ashwood Nurseries.  They have been heavily involved in Butterfly Conservation’s Plants for Pollinators initiative, which aims at encouraging gardeners to consider planting nectar-rich flowers to help all our insects.  Flowers that are attractive to insects are marked with a bee symbol.  Ashwoods have also run several moth ‘breakfasts’ – thanks to Tom Woodhall for running traps in the meadow next to the nursery.  This week I was able to lend a hand in the meadow when several volunteers (mainly from Worcs Wildlife Trust) helped plant wild flowers in the meadow.


The meadow sloping down to the Staffs & Worcs Canal.


This, believe it or not, is a Ragged Robin plant, a flower that is disappearing from the countryside.  The conditions on Thursday were atrocious with heavy rain – was it storm Brian or the end of hurricane Ophelia?


The impressive wood sculpture at the site of a pool to be excavated.

And finally, other people like to join in with the Scarlet Tiger project in their own way.  Someone has planted some foxgloves on the bank.  In this photo you can also see the tell-tale holes in the Alkanet to the left, right and above, Tigers lurking!




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