The clocks have sprung forward and today certainly felt like spring but the forecasters are warning of a return to cold weather and the threat of snow.  Nature just takes advantage of whatever conditions prevail.

A hastily arranged work party on Friday was well supported by Scarlet Tiger’s wonderful volunteers.  We still had lots of wild flower seeds to sow plus a few plants donated by local residents.  Not everyone is able to attend the work parties but some still wish to support us.  One example is this notice that has appeared on the gate.


A major problem we face on our work parties is the amount of dog poo.  It seems that 2 other members of the community have taken this positive action to encourage owners to clean up their act!

Our work on Friday included digging over the area disturbed by gas workers at the junction with Westwood Avenue to enable wild flowers to be seeded.  This was again accompanied by a happy rendition of “We Plough the Fields and Scatter” – ably supported by a small group of passing cyclists who stopped to learn more about our project.

We still had enough seeds left over to sow the bank at the Russian vine area.


The good news is that first sightings have been made of the Scarlet Tiger caterpillar.  Andy managed to find one on Friday and I was persistent enough to seek out this welcome character earlier today (Sunday 25 March).  This is somewhat later than last year, when my first photograph was taken on 9 March 2017.  There is not much visible damage to the Alkanet so we wait to see how many caterpillars appear.  The Alkanet itself is looking very healthy but not many flowers as yet.

Also enjoying the sunshine today – lovely patches of celandine visited by a few bees.


Whenever we hold our work parties, at least one robin is not far away waiting for an opportunity to nip down and feed on any unsuspecting insect disturbed by our digging.


Thanks again to all the people who have supported the work parties this winter.







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