Rain, sleet and snow


Walked out in bright sunshine yesterday and got soaked in a rain/sleet downpour – perhaps we should expect showers in April.  There are signs that the weather, or at least the temperature, is improving but spring seems a long time coming this year.  However, just checking our various patches of work along the bridle path and it’s so encouraging when you start to see the results of some of our longer term planning.  In many areas along the path, the hedgerow is showing signs of neglect.  This was borne out by our work laying a hedge along Romany Way last year.  Most of the trees were dead or dying and the project changed to dead hedging.  However, we did plant lots of whips in various places along Sandy Lane in an attempt to redress the damage.  I was therefore delighted to find this flowering Blackthorn (I guess it is Blackthorn since that is one of the first to blossom) yesterday.

img_20180330_122343.jpg4 caterpillars spotted on Sunday – this was the tiniest.


Glad to report that most of ‘my’ frogspawn survived the recent dips in temperature and, as you can see, the tadpoles are developing nicely.

Also the Marsh Marigold is bursting into flower.



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