Bloomin’ Lovely!


Apologies for the delay in this blog but nature has been hectic catching up.  After such a slow start, spring seems to have collided with summer and this is reflected in the growth of hedgerows and blooming of flowers.  The above photo was taken earlier today and is the area our volunteers sowed earlier this year.


This is the same patch of ground back in March when our volunteers were singing and sowing.  Isn’t nature amazing!


Things tend to go a bit quiet on Roman Road after the initial burst of spring butterflies, once the Scarlet Tiger caterpillars have disappeared.  However, the great news is that the adults are now starting to emerge.  The above photo was taken today – one of 3 adults seen.  Always fantastic to greet the new brood.


Flowers are looking good on the island too.

One of my favourite butterflies which tends to get overlooked, also seeks out the Alkanet.  Speckled Wood favours dappled light, so the conditions along the hedge-row on Roman Road, are perfect.  It is one of our butterflies that seems to be thriving, pushing its territory further north.  It is also reliable – quite often walking on a dullish day, just as I begin to despair of seeing any butterflies, there will be a Speckled Wood to cheer me up.


One of the delights of summer is to see 2 Speckled Woods spiralling up into the air.

Happy tiger hunting to you all!


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