Overview of Roman Road/Sandy Lane

Panorama 1A.JPG

Earlier in the year, Andy Purcell, who is a keen nature-lover, volunteering at RSPB Sandwell Valley, and an active member of a local wildlife group, SANDNATS, visited Roman Road with his drone.  These are the fantastic photos he took.  The panorama above clearly illustrates the habitat – the bridle path, lined in the foreground by hedgerow trees, marks a boundary between the houses and fields.  It gives access to the wider countryside, providing an important breathing space, much loved by local inhabitants.



You can see how the path changes approx half way along to a more open aspect, with farmland to the left in the 2nd picture.  I am really grateful to Andy for taking time out to carry out this survey for us.

He also brought his camera equipment with him and was fascinated by the Alkanet and the insect life it supports.  Below are the results of his work – as you may gather, the photos were taken in May when the Scarlet Tiger caterpillars were busy putting on weight, ready to pupate.

A50_5162 SCARLET TIGER (c)Andy Purcell.JPG
Scarlet Tiger caterpillar – contrasted with the blue and pink Alkanet flowers
A50_5299 SCARLET TIGER feeding head 12x9 (c)Andy-Purcell.JPG
How about this photo for a close-up view of a caterpillar munching through a leaf

Photos of a spider common on the Alkanet and a female Orange Tip on one of its caterpillar’s food plants, Garlic Mustard (aka Jack-by-the-Hedge)

Hope you all enjoy this different view of our bridle path.

We are now planning our autumn/winter work parties.  Again we are meeting on the third Friday of every month through to March – first one Friday 21 September, meeting point the notice board at the north end of Roman Road, time 10 am.

Scarlet Tiger




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